Oprah – The Woman Who Has Interviewed Every Body

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Revealing Secrets – Celebs

Oprah, a standalone icon for discussing uncomfortable topics and exposing secrets from those who resemble our next-neighbors, to those who we see on the front of Tabloids. She has a way with people and any media study would be missing if they were not to understand how her power and influence has changed not only daytime TV, but influences our perspectives on those who are different than us, how we’ve been entertained by heartache of others, how her show and its messaging has been largely capitalized by both advertisers and the revenue she personally generates.

“Winfrey has indeed promoted intellectual thought by developing a feminized culture through a television show, a book club, and a magazine.” Says, Mack Dwane, an academic who reviewed a general marketed book about Opera. He suggests that not only has she become a vital form of entertainment, but more so she has heightened the awareness for reading deep books for the typical middle class mom who is her targeted demographic.

However what’s easy to ignore, and potentially due to her large bank account and philanthropic endeavors was Oprah herself has experience trauma, abuse, poverty herself. In my mind, no matter how frustrated people might become with her, she still deserves respect and a closer look at the influences she has had on social respect and attention to those who are less fortunate and also the celebrities she brings in “close to home.”

There is something so fabulously sobering about Oprah. I haven’t necessarily given the ol’ benefit of the doubt to afternoon-diva-psychologist-ceo…. She is like Mother Teresa only a Democrat, wears Jimmy Choos and throws fetes with people like Elton John. I was undergoing a massive pity party around 3am last night and Conan was over, and there you go the only thing on besides acutane infomercials is Oprah.

Thinking she had maybe some author on (the only bonus from her show I figure)… There she is… grinning ear-to-ear discussing what life is like from down under… and not with Dr. Oz (her sidekick). Her guest was a 3-foot-midgit; she was a 26-year-old brunette that was born, just like really small. And she was spunky and sassy and witty as hell! I thought… well who needs Prozac when Oprah can send you on a spellbound guilt trip riddled with gratefulness. Stupefied on the edge of my duvet… that this woman could be so pumped up about life it was my responsibility (as someone born of ordinary height) to save the world.

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